My name is Alexis De Wolf,

I am freelance

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About me

Being a Freelance Swiss-army knife, I am product oriented and I love being a Product Owner. I also do any project management needed and some business analysis to help things get done faster.

I am currently active in the e-Mobility (i.e. Electric Vehicle) world, which I adore! My main mission is at a big player in the energy sector.

Through my company ADway, I can offer my services to different clients. The main area of focus of ADway is to help companies digitalize with Odoo.

My interests

Product Owner

From start to finish, I act as a single point of contact between the business and the product team : business analysts, software developers, and myself.


Having a lifelong passion for e-commerce, I continue to help companies go digital and I like to work on heterogeneous sales funnel.

Growing Industries

With a deep respect for rules and procedures, I work well in any demanding sector and I like to help make the world a better place

Way more than a CV

Personal growth undoubtedly allows one to be at the top of it’s abilities in the professional life. My current passions are converting vehicles to campers, traveling and anything related to the mountains : mountain biking, camping, hiking, …

I enjoy being accompanied during all these activities and I like to help others to keep the pace and achieve their goals.